Leading companies and organisations discuss biomethane scale-up with Energy Commissioner Simson

Today, 28 European companies and organisations presented the Biomethane Declaration to Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, in a lively online event. The Declaration signatories recognise that biomethane is the most cost-effective, scalable and sustainable renewable gas available today. The declaration highlights the willingness of biomethane producers and users, with a combined annual turnover of […]

Gas for Climate study recommends sequental crops be included in REDII Annex IX

Today, the Gas for Climate consortium publishes a paper which shows that silage crops grown in a sequential cropping system, as cultivated in Europe, meet the evaluation criteria for ‘advanced feedstock’ as included in Annex IX of the REDII. Being included in Annex IX would make the feedstock eligible to be double counted towards renewable […]

10% binding target for renewable gas and future-proof gas infrastructure crucial to achieve cost efficient decarbonisation

New study describes gas decarbonisation pathways from 2020 to 2050 and identifies the required investments to scale-up hydrogen and biomethane. Large scale production of biomethane and green and blue hydrogen – transported, stored and distributed through existing gas infrastructure – can help achieve 55% emission reduction by 2030 in a smart combination with renewable electricity. […]

Gas for Climate is expanding and supports the European Green Deal

Gas for Climate welcomes the EU’s increased ambition to fight climate change Consortium now designing pathways to scale-up renewable gas towards 2050 ONTRAS and Energinet have joined the Gas for Climate consortium   Gas for Climate, the future-oriented gas sector initiative that supports full decarbonisation of the energy system by 2050, welcomes the EU Green Deal. […]

Gas infrastructure needed to scale up renewable gas to 270 bcm by 2050, enabling a decarbonised and renewables-based energy system at lowest costs

Study published today finds that a smart combination of hydrogen and biomethane with electricity is the optimal way to decarbonise the energy system, with all energy ultimately becoming renewable.     Using around 2900 TWh or approximately 270 billion cubic metres (natural gas equivalent) of green hydrogen and renewable methane through existing gas infrastructure across the […]