Best practices of CCUS infrastructure in Europe
2023 Assessing the benefits of a pan-European hydrogen transmission network
2022 Gas for Climate Newsletter – November 2022
2022 Facilitating hydrogen imports from non-EU countries
2022 Manual for National Biomethane Strategies
2022 Biomethane production potentials in the EU
2022 Gas for Climate Newsletter – May 2022
2022 Action Plan for secure, clean and affordable energy in Europe – Webinar Slides
2022 Action plan for implementing REPowerEU
2021 The future role of biomethane

2021 Gas for Climate Newsletter | December 2021

2021 Scaling up biomethane in the European Union – Webinar slide deck



2021 Biomethane Declaration



2021 Market state and trends report hydrogen and biomethane

2021 Fit for 55 Package and Gas for Climate

Making 2030 EU climate targets achievable with a clear role for renewable and low-carbon gases



2021 RED Annex IX paper
2021 Gas for Climate | Newsletter July
2021 Priorities for the EU hydrogen legislation
2021 Gas for Climate | Newsletter April
2021 A Gas for Climate response to the proposed TEN-E revision
2021 Setting a binding target for 11% renewable gas
2020 Market state and trends report
July 2020 Newsletter – Gas for Climate
2020 Response energy system integration consultation

Gas for Climate’s response to the EC consultation on Energy System Integration

2020 Gas Decarbonisation Pathways 2020-2050 study
2019 The optimal role for gas in a net-zero emissions energy system
2019 Gas for Climate employment Study

Job creation by scaling up renewable gas in Europe.

2019 Gas for Climate study infographic
2019 Action Plan up to 2030

How to scale up renewable methane, green and blue hydrogen.
This Action Plan is an update of a previous version published in September 2018.

2018 How gas can help to achieve the Paris Agreement target in an affordable way
2018 Gas for Climate study annex

The annex of the 2018 Gas for Climate study.

2018 Memo Woody Biomass

Mobilising woody residues to produce biomethane