Save the date! 31st of March new Gas for Climate webinar on an Action Plan for secure, clean and affordable energy in Europe.

On the 31st of March from 11 to 12 CET the Gas for Climate initiative will host a webinar exploring an action plan for accelerated uptake of renewable gases in Europe to enhance energy security, implementation of the Fitfor55 package, and reduce negative economic effects on consumers.

What we will cover:

  1. Marie-Claire Aoun (chair of Gas for Climate): Introduction
  2. Matthias Schimmel (Guidehouse): Background – EU dependency on energy imports from Russia & Accelerating European energy security – the REPowerEU communication
  3. Jan Cihlar (Guidehouse): Action Plan for implementing REPowerEU for renewable gases

Learn about concrete actions, such as mobilizing sustainable feedstock supply chains for biomethane, amending production rules for renewable fuels of non-biological origin, enabling rapid development of a pan-European hydrogen transmission system, and many more.

Interested? Register here:

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