European Hydrogen Backbone

The European Hydrogen Backbone vision

A European hydrogen infrastructure is needed for Europe to achieve its climate and energy objective. Green and blue hydrogen are increasingly seen as important parts of the solution, next to electrification, and major clusters of future supply and demand are spread out over Europe.

The European Hydrogen Backbone report, published in July 2020, demonstrated that a this can be achieved based primarily on repurposed existing gas infrastructure, combined with targeted investments in new dedicated hydrogen pipelines and compressor stations.

This enables dedicated hydrogen transport over long distances at an affordable cost. Dedicated hydrogen infrastructure will be developed from the 2020s onwards, leading to an interconnected dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure stretching to all parts of Europe around 2040. This infrastructure will allow for hydrogen imports from outside Europe as well.

km pipeline by 2030
km pipeline by 2040

Investment: €43-81 billion, for the 2040 infrastructure

Cost of transport: €0.11-0.21 per kg of hydrogen, per 1,000 km

69% share of converted natural gas pipelines

Current activities

With our expanded group of companies, we have started to work on:

  • Discussing the European Hydrogen Backbone plan with key stakeholders in the value chain, and with gas infrastructure companies from other European countries
  • Assessing the supply side. What would be the renewable electricity capacity required to provide the green hydrogen demand foreseen in the European energy transition?

This work will lead to new publications in the beginning of June in 2021.

Who we are

The European Hydrogen Backbone initiative consists of a growing group of now 23 European gas infrastructure companies, working together to plan a pan-European dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure. Participating companies are Creos, DESFA, Elering, Enagás, Energinet, Eustream, FGSZ, Fluxys, Gas Connect Austria, Gasgrid Finland, Gasunie, GAZ-SYSTEM, Gas Networks Ireland, GRTgaz, National Grid, NET4GAS, OGE, ONTRAS, Plinovodi, TAG, Teréga, Snam, Swedegas.

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